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Swarovski Product Info

Flat Backs Non-Hotfix: Flat Backs No Hotfix (NHF) are loose crystal components with a platinum foiling on the back for extra brilliance and protection. They are easy to apply to a variety of materials using standard one or two component glues. They are available in a multitude of colours, shapes and cuts.

Flat Backs Hotfix: Flat Back Hotfix (HF) are loose crystal components with a flat reverse side that has been pre-coated with a heat sensitive glue. The glue, which is extremely flexible is activated by heat to bond the crystal to the carrier material. The glue hardens as it cools and the crystal is securely fixed. They are easily applied by heat to a range of textile materials and produce a durable, long lasting crystal effect. They are available in a multitude of colours, shapes and cuts.

There is a variant of the Hotfix Technology called Hotfix Transparent (HFT). This variant is a patented bonding agent that is applied to the reverse side of non-mirror finish (unfoiled) Flat Backs, resulting in a raindrop effect during which the crystal takes on the colour of the carrier material.

The optimum bond of the Hotfix crystals can only be achieved if the carrier material can absorb the glue. Very fine fabrics such as organza, smooth leather, smooth leather imitations, tightly woven polyamides and fabrics with a silicone or wax finish may not be suitable for Hotfix application due to insufficient absorbency.

Hotfix glue is not completely bonded until it has fully hardened (generally after 24 hours). Duing this period, handle the fabric with care and do not wash it.

Once fully hardened Swarovski Hotfix glue is machine washable.


Various measures are used to clarify the stones:

PP/SS: Pearl Plate (PP) or Stone Size (SS) are used to clarify Round Stones.

mm: Metric measurement in millimeters for fancy stones and geometric shapes.

Colour Effects:

Vacuum metal coating processes on the surface of the crystal produce special surface effects or translucent effects according to the application method used. This process can be applied on both crystal and colours.

Surface Effects have a vacuum coating on the surface of the stone. Below is a list of the effect codes for surface effects:

AB: Aurore Boreale, ANTP: Antique Pink, API: Astral Pink, BLSH: Blue Shade, BRSH: Bronze Shade,  CAL: Comet Argent Light, COP: Copper, DOR: Dorado, GSHA: Golden Shadow, HEM: Hamatite (Only available on Jet), LUMG: Luminous Green, METBL: Metallic Blue, MLGLD: Metallic Light Gold, MOL: Moonlight, NUT: Nut (Only available on Jet), REDM: Red Magma, SAT: Satin, SSHA: Silver Shade, TRS: Transmission.

Translucent Effects have a vacuum coating on the reverse side of the stone, the effect shines through the stone. Below is a list of the effect codes for translucent effects:

BBL: Bermuda Blue, HEL: Heliotrope, MBL: Meridian Blue, SINI: Silver Night, TAB: Tabac, VL: Vitrail Light, VM: Vitrail Medium, VOL: Volcano.

Variations on Surface Effects:

2X: Both sides of the stone are treated with an effect (eg, AB2). 

B: Effects on three sides of a cube shape, (eg, ABB = Aurore Boreale on three sides of a cube).

V: The effect is used in reverse. A surface effect is used like a translucent effect, (eg, VMV = Vitrail Medium on the front of the crystal).

Z: Only a part of the stone is treated with an effect.

Special Surface Effects:

Swarovski has various special surface effects by using special chemical and mechanical processes on the surface of crystals:

MAT - Matt Finish, FRO - Frosted Finish, COS - Cosmojet (Cosmojet is the blackening of single facets of a crystal).  


Foiling is the process of mirror coating the reverse side of the crystals.

Silver Foiling (A): A silver mirror finish for Xilion Hotfix articles only.

Platinum Foiling (F): A silver mirror finish that is coated with a platinum coloured protective layer of the highest quality.

Aluminum Foiling (M): An aluminum mirror finish is applied using a vacuum coating process.

Protective Layer (P) for Beads and Pendants: Protective layer is a transparent lacquer system that is applied over the effects. This lacquer is designed to protect the effects from scratches, fingerprints, and other damage and also helps to prevent moisture that can lead to corrosion (eg, from perspiration) penetrating into the effect layer when jewelry is designed to incorporate crystal stones that are nor set in casings/settings.

Unfoiled (U): No mirror finish applied.