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Crystal Innovations

Crystal Innovations for Spring/Summer 2018
Renowned for creating beautifully crafted crystals, Swarovski’s innovations are driven by stories that capture the defining mood of the moment in ways that have meaning. This season’s new crystals reflect the value revolution that is taking place in which old dividing lines are being broken down—between luxury and street, the natural and the digital, male and female, and even between opposing belief systems. Driven by the millennials and Generation Z, the message is clear: “We need a new world order.” The Spring/Summer 2018 story is about the need for New Perspectives. Four trends characterize the mood: Gang Star, No Normal, Hacked Nature, and Spell Bound.

New Colours:

The desire for heightened sensory experiences is answered in the new Shimmer effect, blending a futuristic gleam with bold crystal colors in nature-tech hues.
16 new colours in sizes SS5, SS9, SS12, SS16, SS20 & SS30.

A new range of Shiny LacquerPRO effects updates classic summer tones with a hyper-real edge for summer styles with bold expression.
5 new colours in sizes SS12, SS16, SS20 & SS30.


​​​​​​​New Additions:
Gang Star:

The urban landscape is in the throes of a street-style revolution best summed up in the phrase: “Keep it real.” Inspired by the hip-hop, sporty, rap culture, the look is expressed in bold gold statement pieces illustrated by oversized charms dangling from chains. The body has become a billboard with thoughts and standpoints scrawled in rebellious graffiti-style typography on clothing and jewelry, conveying a “don’t mess with me” attitude. Holding back is no longer an option—it is time to be heard.
The focus on street culture has given rise to a tough street look that is sweeping the design world. The Skull Flat Back is the perfect match for edgier styles. The new Crystal Iridescent Blue Pearls reflect the emerging gender-neutral, active-streetwear style fusion; launched in two tones, they symbolize companionship and belonging.

No Normal:
The new value revolution has begun. Labels are being eradicated, hierarchies broken down and conventions challenged. “Anti-fashion” is the prevailing mood, with the focus on seasonless, genderless clothes, as the concept of fashion is stripped back to the essentials. Past categories are now too narrow to accommodate tomorrow’s society. There is a desire for greater kindness in our personal dealings and simplicity in our daily lives; this means embracing our difference in the search for a new, more inclusive perspective.
Designs deliberately break convention and celebrate human imperfection. Space and color appear warped, creating a futuristic optical illusion. The Chris Bangle Designer Edition, featuring the new Tilted ChatonTilted Spike and Tilted Dice Fancy Stones, can be used as a pendant centerpiece for rings or earrings, or as part of an elaborate futuristic textile design. The Square Family’s PyramidSquare and Base Flat Back reflect the new design principles of flexibility and modularity, offering endless ways to create mold-breaking surface effects.

Hacked Nature:
Virtual Reality has altered our perceptions, blending the real with the imaginary to hyper-stimulate the senses. Nevertheless, Mother Nature’s onslaught cannot be denied—sustainability is at the core of all design thinking, even as technology advances. A merging of these two opposites is the natural progression, blending hyper-real synthetic colors and shapes with nature-inspired forms in “phygital” (physical and digital) designs.

Spell Bound:
As the sun rises above the moon, a sliver of color—neither gold nor silver, but with an ethereal metallic, reflective splendor—encloses Earth. It mirrors the light and darkness in life, and it takes on a spiritual significance that is reflected in design. Unable to see a brighter future, society is turning away from organized belief systems toward rituals and shamanism. As we look to magic spells and the stars for guidance, we cling to the notion that the world of magic exists.
Mystical symbols with a dark, dramatic baroque opulence emerge from the shadows. Metallic finishes have a mysterious, magical iridescence. The stardust shimmer of Crystal Galuchat’s scaly surface is unlike anything else, with tiny orbs of various magnitudes that are at once black, then suddenly white. The Baroque Bead pays homage to the grandeur and beauty of history with its sublime crystal detailing, while the Baroque Mirror Fancy Stone provides a new format for historical designs.

Crystal Innovations for Fall/Winter 2017/18
Sustainability is fundamental to Swarovski’s philosophy—the CLEAR compliance program, Advance Crystal standard, and Swarovski Waterschool all attest to this. So it is with great pride that the crystal company is launching its Fall/Winter 2017/18 crystal innovations with a special focus on sustainability, under the theme: The Nature of Us.
Swarovski has also embarked on a close collaboration with Céline Cousteau that echoes the theme, called Tribute to Tribe Collection. Famously dedicated to saving the oceans, more recently, this granddaughter of legendary ocean explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau has been working with an indigenous tribe to protect the Brazilian Amazon’s fragile ecosystem. Her collection is based on the tribal decorations seen painted or tattooed on skin, and include the new Oval Tribe Fancy Stone, the Rhombus Tribe Fancy Stone, and the Cross Tribe Pendant

New Colours: 

Crystal Rainbow Dark, An exciting metallic effect which has a dark, oily pattern.

Crystal Shiny Lacquer PRO colors include: Dark Red, Dark Grey, Ivory Cream, Royal Blue, Royal Green & Royal Red. 

New Additions:
Soul Food (Classic):
A humble aesthetic of down-to-earth, functional and gender-neutral lines prevails. The Oval Rivoli Fancy Stone suits designs of refined simplicity.

The Framed Cabachon captures today’s relaxed shapes and mixed materials, while the new Crystal Shiny Lacquer PRO colors include Crystal Dark Red and Crystal Ivory Cream,complemented by Crystal Iridescent Red Pearl

Work Life (Progressive):
Designers have noted the arrival of robotics in the workplace, and are humanizing this idea with jewelry in soft pastels with fun crystal elements. The new CombinationTriangle Family’s Alpha, Beta and Gamma Flat Backs suit everything from office wear to leisure looks.
Crystal Dark Grey, the new Crystal Shiny LacquerPRO effect, opens up a range of contemporary design possibilities, while timeless gemstone colors of Crystal Royal Red and Crystal Royal Blue add color injections to eclectic styles, perfectly responding to the new consumer mood.  

Travel Age (Romantic):
The desire for remote destinations and their cultures inspires a new design ethos, where global references are mixed to create a contemporary appreciation of the unknown.

Céline Cousteau’s Tribute to Tribe collection captures this spirit:
Her tribal-inspired Oval Tribe Fancy Stone, Rhombus Tribe Fancy Stone and Cross Tribe Pendant reflect a multicultural, sustainable future, expressed by Swarovski in the emerald-like Crystal Royal Green from the Crystal Shiny LacquerPRO range.

Party Spirit (Glamour):
A new direction sees the incorporation of a younger, irreverent attitude expressed in rebellious design statements with a modern, edgy glamour. The rise of festival fashion is reflected in the style and stage presence of music legends from the past: gender-neutral designs feature leather, chains, beads and crystals.
This attitude underpins the Kite Fancy Stone and the glam-rock Female and Male Symbol Fancy Stones. The exciting metallic effect of Crystal Rainbow Dark has a dark, oily pattern that suits the new “non-gender” glamour direction.

Crystal Innovations for Spring/Summer 2017

Swarovski’s crystal innovations for Spring/Summer 2017 draw inspiration from the season’s over-arching theme of ‘The Balance of Nature’. The focus for the season is firmly set on the growing mega trend of the human desire for wellbeing, and the search for an oasis of calm amid the harsh demands of twenty-first century life.  Vitally important to achieving this goal is discovering the personal visual representations that both express and support a lifestyle that relies on the natural world for its touchstone.  Swarovski’s trend experts have identified four distinct sub-themes that are fueling these contemporary aspirations: Air (Classic); Earth (Romantic); Water (Progressive); and Fire (Glamour).

New Colours:
Graphite, a strong, bluish grey-black color. Elegant and mysterious, it forms the perfect gradient transition between Crystal Silver Night and Jet.

Yellow Opal is a true first in the Swarovski crystal assortment: its bright yellow shade has been give a matte, opalescent finish that combines sheer color power with genuine gemstone appeal.

New Additions:
Air (Classic):
A breath of air, central to our very existence, remains a potent symbol of calm for all those wishing to retreat from the pressure of daily life.  The Crystal Pearlescent White Pearl, a totally new effect in the Crystal Pearl range, is a reinterpreted classic that reflects that deep desire for calm with a graceful purity that appears both matte and shiny at the same time.
As the contemporary mindset seeks to pare down to life’s essentials and dispose of unnecessary burdens, these pure shapes provide the answer. The cut of the Twister Fancy Stone, inspired by a windmill and reminiscent of a four-pointed star, reflects this airy theme. Symbolizing the vagaries of the wind, this dynamic stone possesses streamlined facets and smooth edges that seem to imply movement even at rest.
Equally expressive of this classic theme, the Pavé Dragonfly Pendant dazzles with filigree pavé finished wings, available in single or multicolored versions.  The pendant’s gracefully upturned wings intensify the creature’s life-like plasticity.

Earth (Romantic):
Timeless romantic design embraces the confluence of the natural worlds of our planet. In such an arena, the stunning new color Graphite, a strong, bluish grey-black color with a completely homogenous surface, is perfectly at home.  Elegant and mysterious, it forms the perfect gradient transition between Crystal Silver Night and Jet.  Graphite is perfect for power-driven designs or for use as an inspired accent to add depth to modern folk creations.
The Scarab Bead, referencing the scarab beetle, is made with an innovative crystal cutting technology combined with a detailed molding of the head and wings.

Water (Progressive):
Céline Cousteau is a celebrated filmmaker, humanitarian, and environmentalist, and, as it so happens, the granddaughter of legendary ocean explorer Jacques Yves Cousteau. For Spring/Summer 2017, she presents her first ever crystal designs for Swarovski, inspired by one of her favorite places: the depths of the ocean. Drawing inspiration directly from nature, Céline has interpreted the vital microscopic life in the oceans and brought their tiny organisms to light in crystal. Stunningly life-like creatures adorn her collection, opening our eyes to the mysterious and mostly unseen world beneath the ocean’s surface – a world on which all ocean life depends. In addition to the extraordinary collection by Céline Cousteau, Swarovski is also offering the new Raindrop Pendant that beautifully captures the elegance of a single raindrop. Its multilayered cut creates a playful sparkle that can be used in both understated and opulent designs.

Fire (Glamour):
Vibrant, eye-catching colors are the mainstay of the over-the-top glamour favored equally by celebrities of stage and screen or indeed any woman who stands out because of her confident and passionate persona.  The new color, Yellow Opal, is completely at home in this majestic company, finding its inspiration in the gemstone Citrine. Yellow Opal is a true first in the Swarovski crystal assortment: its bright yellow shade has been give a matte, opalescent finish that combines sheer color power with genuine gemstone appeal. Its cool edge is just right for modern casualwear, as is its bright yet refined shine for any accessory.
Fiery glamour would not be complete without an iconic statement piece, and this challenge is answered with flair and attitude by Swarovski’s Panther Bead. Strong and sensual with a uniquely feminine mystique, this artistically designed Panther Bead elevates the art of crystal cutting to exciting new heights.

Crystal Innovations for Fall/Winter 2016/2017
Swarovski’s latest collection introduces the groundbreaking and unconventional Kaputt Collection designed by couture icon Jean Paul Gaultier, together with stunning Crystal Scarabaeus Green effect.

Jean Paul Gaultier for Swarovski
Swarovski and Jean Paul Gaultier have discovered the perfectly imperfect with the cutting-edge Kaputt crystal cut collection. Designed by Jean Paul Gaultier and developed by Swarovski’s design and technical team, this striking new cut, which takes its name from the German for ‘broken’celebrates the unpredictable. Its distinctively irregular, partly frosted surfaces give it an elegantly asymmetric, meteorite-like appearance. Each cut is laser-engraved with the famous Jean Paul Gaultier logo.

The Crystal Scarabaeus Green effect and Crystal Scarabaeus Green Pearl have also been designed by Jean Paul Gaultier for Swarovski to complement the Kaputt Collection. Inspired by the verdigris roof of the Paris Opera House, and by the scintillating metallic green-blue-purple luster of the scarab beetle once worshipped by the ancient Egyptians, the Scarabeaus innovations evoke an otherworldly, future-tech look.

New Additions:

5514 Pendulum Bead:

5750 Light Chrome Skull Bead:

2304 Raindrop Flat Back:

Crystal Innovations for Spring/Summer/2016
New Colours and Effects:
Crystal Metallic Sunshine is the season‘s most eye-catching hue. Discover its potential for both classic and glamorous styles. It is literally time to shine!
Blush Rose adds that fancy pink diamonds-touch to cutting edge designs. Soft, joyful and bright it is sophisticated, modern and very feminine.

New Crystals:
The new rectangular Emerald Cut Bead imparts an air of modern confidence to sports-luxe looks, whether used as a standalone centerpiece or in rows for extra opulence.

Three new shapes perfectly illustrate the trend, linking modernism with traditional beliefs:
Fatima Hand Fancy Stone, based on the ‘Hamsa Hand’ of ancient Mesopotamia with five fingers said to protect against evil. Buddha Fancy Stone and Buddha Pendant, conveying Asian values of tranquility and stability and the complex Greek Cross Fancy Stone and Greek Cross pendant, an ancient religious symbol with roots in ancient Hindu, Central Asian, Celtic and Mexican culture. Merging history with modernity has become an important design principle, combining chic looks with symbolic value. Now, for the first time, it is interpreted in stunning crystal.

The Pure Drop Pendant and Twisted Drop Pendant are the perfect fit for extra-dazzling jewelry designs. Enjoy multiple possibilities by choosing from 2 crystal shapes and 3 metal parts.

Two new Flat Back shapes (Fan & Moon) have also been introduced to the collection:

New Crystal Lacquer Effects :
A genuinely “delicious” color palette if there ever was one, the new Crystal Lacquer Effects represent the strong new design direction of softer, opaque hues, while at the same time offering a more contemporary version of the classic pastel and an entirely new coating in the Swarovski assortment! A new premium opaque varnish will be put on the reverse side of the crystal instead of foiling, resulting in a kind of opalescent look with soft nostalgic shades in a modern interpretation. There are currently five Crystal LacquerPRO Effects, available: