Supertite Ninja SuperFlex Adhesive, 10g/0.35oz for Professional Use

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Supertite Ninja SuperFlex Adhesive, 10g/0.35oz for Professional Use

Supertite Ninja SuperFlex Adhesive, 10g/0.35oz

This is an EXPERT level two part instant glue for professional use.

Comes with 3 Static Mixing Tips.

Ninja Superflex Adhesive is a gel-curing instant elastic 2 part adhesive. Working time is 1 minute or less with a 5 minute cure time. Once the bond has cured it becomes flexible and elastic with over 200x the flex absorbing vibrations & impacts. This product is a no-odour and non-irritant adhesive which is foam safe.

Bonds: Rubber, Metals, Crystal/Glass, Plastics, Leather, Wood and more! Transparent, Flexible & Strong!

Application: Apply directly to the surface for bonding. Gently press materials to be bonded together for 10 seconds and let bond set up. Do not over apply glue and do not press glue out of area to be bonded. Less glue allows for a better surface bond. Excess glue should be wiped up immediately with a dry cloth.           

Key Notes: Make sure to keep the black seal stopper on the syringe when not in use. Remove the plunger when not using and remove the static mixing tip and twist close the syringe mouth cap to prevent the glue from drying out. When applying and using glue, keep the adhesive moving through the static mixer every 20-30 seconds. To try and keep your static mixing tips in proper working order- attempt to flush or soak the mixing tips in acetone.



Size: 10g/0.35oz
Product Type: Supertite Superflex