Flatback Crystals, No-Hotfix, Round, Peridot AB

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Flatback Crystals, No-Hotfix, Round, Peridot AB
No-Hotfix Flatback Crystals.
Style: 2000 Rose Cut, 2058 Xilion Cut & 2088 Xirius Cut.
Choose from small retail packs or Swarovski factory (wholesale) packs. 

The smallest of the Swarovski Flat Back family are the Rose cut Style 2000 in sizes SS3 & SS4. The SS3 are available in a small selection of colours, the SS4 are only available in Clear Crystal and Crystal AB.

The Swarovski 2058 Xilion Rose crystals are available in a multitude of sizes and colours. This complex cut featues an optimised table size that results in higher brilliance, particularly intense light reflection and intense colour range. Available in sizes SS5 to SS10. 

The Xirius Rose, Style 2088, named after Sirius, the brightest star in the galaxy. The XIRIUS intricate gemstone-like cut, rich color, and enhanced foiling have combined to produce an exceptionally durable new generation of crystal, taking it one step closer to the diamond. The unique multilayer cut technology with 16 facets and the increased brilliance of the star cut design make the XIRIUS cut Swarovskis most brilliant crystal ever, totally unrivaled in complexity and aesthetic excellence. Available in sizes SS12 to SS48.
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