Flatback Crystals, HOTFIX, Round, Pacific Opal

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Flatback Crystals, HOTFIX, Round, Pacific Opal
Hotfix Flatback Crystals.
Style: 2000 Pacific Opal Cut, 2038 Xilion Cut & 2078 Xirius Cut.
Flat Backs Hotfix are loose crystal elements with a flat revePACOP side that has been pre-coated with a heat sensitive glue. These Flat Backs can be easily applied using heat to produce a durable and long-lasting crystal effect. Choose from small retail packs or Swarovski factory (wholesale) packs. 

The smallest of the Swarovski Flat Back family are the Pacific Opal cut Style 2000 in size SS3 which are available in a small selection of colours. The 2038 Xilion Pacific Opal are available in sizes SS5 to SS10. The Xirius Pacific Opal, Style 2078 are available in sizes SS12 to SS48.
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