Swarovski Crystal Tattoo, Style 71016 Sexy, Clear Crystal

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Swarovski Crystal Tattoo, Style 71016 Sexy, Clear Crystal
Swarovski Crystal SEXY Tattoo

Colour: Clear Crystal

Size of Tattoo: 21x92mm

Made with Swarovski Crystals size: SS6 (2mm).

Swarovski Crystal Tattoo Application:
1) Ensure the skin is clean, dry and free of oils, perfume, moisturiser etc as these will effect the adhesion of the crystal.
2) Peel the clear top sheet off the white backing sheet making sure every crystal is stuck to the clear top sheet. If any crystals remain on the white backing simply press the 2 sheets togther again and re-try.
3) Press the crystal tattoo against the skin and hold firmly in place for several seconds.
4) Carefully peel off the clear sheet leaving the crystals stuck to the skin.

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Colour: Crystal
SKU: 71016CRY
Size: 21x92mm
Style: 71016
Shape: SEXY
Product Type: Crystal Body Tattoo