Crystal Katana

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Crystal Katana
Improve your "blinging" skills!

Do you use regular beeswax, but find it's too soft, leaves residue? Tweezers cramp your hands and fling crystals across the room? Then this is the tool for you...........

The Crystal Katana by CrystalNinja was created by award winning Flatback Specialist and master user, Kellie DeFries and proven to shave time off the process of hand setting-gluing Swarovski Flatbacks.
The Crystal Katana now includes an adapter tip that helps to secure crystals as tiny as SS5's (1.8mm). Simply unscrew the chrome end of the Katana, insert the metal adapter into it and retighten.

PLEASE NOTE: Take care when using the Crystal Katana, only the lightest touch is needed when picking/placing your crystals. Please do not attempt to bend or remove the wax end from the Katana is not rubber, it is wax and will break! If you do break the wax end simply warm it up with your fingers and mould back into shape.