How can we still be selling Swarovski when Swarovski have removed themselves from the retail market:

Our partnership with Swarovski ended on the 30th June 2021. From that date we haven't been able to purchase anything else from them and we had to remove our approved wholesaler/retailer certificate from our website.

So how do we still have stock? The simple answer is that we were a wholesaler of Swarovski for nearly 15 years, we have never sold any other brand. We were one of the few wholesalers that held good amounts of stock of hundreds of items, building our stock holding up over the years. Prior to our account closure on the 30th June, Swarovski allowed us to stock up on products which we did on our most popular items to enable us to continue trading for as long as possible.

So, the stock that we have is existing stock that we had purchased from Swarovski before the 30th June. Regular customers will have no doubt noticed that products are now being deleted on a daily basis as we sell out.

Why have our packaging pouches changed from Swarovski branded to plain:

The products purchased from Swarovski came in wholesale packs which we then split into smaller retail size packs and mixes of our choosing using Swarovski branded pouches. These are the packs that you have become used to seeing over the last few years. 

The branded pouches were only introduced by Swarovski in recent years, any long-standing customers will remember that we used to use plain unbranded packaging.

When Swarovski introduced the branded pouches, we decided to switch to them. They did not come with the products, they were not free, they were a Swarovski product that we could buy. Using them was optional and we loved them!

The problem now though is this.....although we did stock up when we placed our final orders with Swarovski, we clearly didn't order enough as we have run out and cannot buy more!

Not an issue for us but we are being questioned about it quite a lot so I hope this explanation puts your mind at rest that the product is the same, just the packaging is different.

What date are we closing down:

We have been asked if we will continue trading, selling other brands. That was never an option for us, we have only ever sold Swarovski and couldn't imagine starting again from scratch with another brand. After the dust settled and we had come to terms with what was happening, the decision was made that we would close the business once we sell our existing stock.

We have gone from 4 staff to 2 already. Terry has decided to take his well earnt retirement and Chloe has luckily found alternative work so took it while she could. So, there's just Deanna & Ellie for the next couple of months until Ellie begins her own business adventure. Then it will just be Deanna, full circle from starting the business up on her own to winding it up on her own. When will that be though? All we can tell you is that we still have a lot of stock to sell so the business will be here for at least a few months. The lease on our building expires at the end of September so we've got until then to get it all sold!

Stock Information

Our partnership with Swarovski ended on the 30th June 2021. 

We will not be placing any further orders with Swarovski so once our stock sells it will not be replenished. The products listed on our website are products that we already have in stock so are available for immediate dispatch. 

Swarovski Announcement

I have received some important news from Swarovski that I must share with you.

Swarovski has restructured their company which has resulted in the 'loose crystal elements' division of the company no longer being available to the masses. At the end of June 2021 we will no longer be able to sell the loose crystals as Swarovski are ending our partnership.

Here are some important points:

At the end of June 2021 our partnership with Swarovski will terminate. We will be placing our last order with Swarovski in June.

After April 2021 we can only order items that Swarovski have in stock available for immediate dispatch. This is to ensure all orders can be fulfilled before the closure of our account at the end of June.

From the 1st April the Swarovski catalogue will be reduced with the discontinuation of many products. If you would like to know if a particular product is affected then please drop us an email and we can advise.

I am sorry to have to bring you this news. I know the devastating impact this will have on many of my customers businesses and businesses around the world. I have been a Swarovski customer for 14 years and as we only sell Swarovski the impact on us is huge. We will place our last order with Swarovski in June so until then it's business as usual.

Thank you for your support over the years, I couldn't have done 14 years without you.

Very best wishes to you all. 

Deanna Cooke. x