6731 Sea Snail Partly Frosted Pendants, Crystal AB

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6731 Sea Snail Partly Frosted Pendants, Crystal AB
Swarovski Pendants.
Style: 6731 Sea Snail, Partly Frosted.
V (An effect is used in reverse. Usually an effect is used on the back of a stone so the colour shines through the stone. Any colours with a V next to them have had this effect used in reverse so applied to the front of the stone).
The partly frosted Sea Snail Pendant is an exclusive Designer Edition piece created by filmmaker and environmentalist Céline Cousteau, granddaughter of the famous French explorer Jacques Yves Cousteau. Its swirling curves and intricate cut, with alternating matte and sparkling facets, perfectly accentuate the organic appeal of the snail shell. In the smaller size it has indentations rather than holes.
Pendants have timeless elegance and are available in a large range of classical and avant-garde cuts and shapes, as well as in many colors and effects. Pendants offer a whole range of design possibilities thanks to their easy application.