20 x Hotfix Crystal Transfer Sheets, 24cm x 24cm

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20 x Hotfix Crystal Transfer Sheets, 24cm x 24cm

Create your own crystal motifs with this great Mylar Hotfix Transfer Paper.

20 Sheets

Each sheet size: 24cm x 24cm

Instructions for use:

Please be aware that once you have created your motif you turn it over to apply it, so your design must be a mirror (backwards) image.

1) Draw or trace your design onto tracing paper.

2) Turn your design over (so the image is backwards) and tape it to your flat work surface so it does not move.

3) Peel the white backing from the transfer paper and place the clear sheet over your design with the sticky side facing up. Again, tape the paper to your work surface so it does not move.

4) Place your Hotfix Crystals over the design. The crystals must be face down so the back (glue side) of the crystal is towards you. To protect your work simply replace the white backing paper until you are ready to apply the design.

5) To apply your motif simply turn the design over so the image is now the correct way round. Position the motif onto your chosen garmet (the sticky side will now be on the fabric and the crystals will be face up).  Cover the design with a protective cloth and simply apply heat from the iron for 10-15 seconds. 

6) Leave to cool for a few seconds and then simply peel off the transfer film, leaving your design in place. If any crystals lift with the paper then just replace the paper and re-iron.