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Swarovski Table Crystals


Why choose Scatter Crystals LTD for your Swarovski®?

Scatter Crystals Ltd is a family run business based in Northwich, Cheshire. Through hard work and dedication we have been lucky enough to be given SWAROVSKI® Authorised Wholesaler status. We hold in stock a large range of Swarovski® elements: Flat Back Crystals in Non-Hotfix & Hotfix, Sew On Crystals, Beads, Pearls, Single Stone Settings, Table Crystals for wedding & event decor, Crystal Buttons, Pendants plus many more items from the Swarovski catalogue.  

We also stock a range of tools & accessories which go hand in hand with the Swarovski® such as the amazing Crystal Katana & Tanto Pick up Tools, A selection of adhesives and syringes & nozzles to apply them.
Whether you are in business or use Swarovski® crystals as a hobby then we will have or can get the crystals for you. We supply crystals to a range of industries such as Nail Technicians, Bespoke Crystallising Companies, Jewellery Manufacturers, The Dance industry, Clothing Manufacturers, Bridal Shops, Wedding & Event Companies, Lighting Manufacturers and Upholsterers. We welcome any trade looking to purchase Swarovski®. Please contact us at info@scattercrystals.co.uk if you would like a quote.